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Here's what you can expect of our regular programming in the works at Harmonist Sanctuary. Be sure to subscribe and check out our blog for updates as we adventure towards our grand opening!

All of our offerings are firmly grounded in the Bhakti tradition and are designed to create connection from larger spirit to individual spirit. The more you practice, the more you're able to grow your life into one with enriched meaning, purpose, and depth.

Weekly Classes

Kirtan Evenings

Kirtan, or musical mantra meditation, of the Maha mantra, is described to be the most potent form of meditation to free the mind from worries and experience a deeper sense of inner satisfaction. It's a call-and-response chant set to music, with a group leader and players using a variety of eastern percussion instruments, such as the harmonium, the veena or ektara (string instruments), the tabla (one-sided drums), the mrdanga or pakhawaj (two-sided drum), flute (forms of woodwind instruments), and karatalas or talas (cymbals).

All are welcome to join these weekly sessions, from those who just want to listen, to those who want to participate in chanting to practicing or seasoned players who want to musically join in.


Bi-weekly Classes

Every other week we'll be offering opportunities to connect with kindred spirits to read and reflect.

Bhakti Reading Group

Study Bhakti texts with others in a small group setting, led by seasoned and experienced Bhakti yogis. Build relationships with others learning and sharing together in gaining understanding how to offer your work, actions, and relationships to divinity, how to manage  emotions and the mindscape, and navigate through the varying landscapes of life.

Monthly Classes

We're planning some more extensive courses for those looking to immerse in a day, weekend, or week-long deep dive.

Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking 

Yoga Teacher Training

Workshops & Special Events

We're still working out the details of our classes in communications and art-making. These will be once every few months to start, building to more regularity as we grow.

Transformative Communication Workshps with Vrinda Sato

Learn interpersonal and intrapersonal tools to deepen your relationships with yourself and others. Gain the tools to practice empathic listening to know the difference between assertiveness, passiveness, and aggressiveness; formulas for assertive communication, and much more. The workshop includes experiential exercises to ensure tangible learning that can be applied to your everyday life. 

Mandala Making with Janet Strickler

Mandala-making can be thought of as another means of meditation, using creativity, imagination, art materials and raw motor skills. Artist Janet Strickler is a Colorado-based maker of sacred mixed-media art.


Concert & Dinner

Intimate gatherings of live music followed by special dinner. Musical guests and dinner details to be announced!

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