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Harmonist Sanctuary is a non-profit organization promoting self-discovery and wisdom-based living through movement, art, music, food, and community.


We believe that every person has an unalienable right to knowledge and personal growth.  Each person has unique talents and skills that are meant to be identified, nourished, and exercised for the benefit of their own self and society at large.

We serve by offering life-deepening experiences through community meals, art, movement, yoga, cooking, kirtan, meditation, self-development, book reading groups, and healthy lifestyle education.

Our building, designed especially for our intention, and is available for rental to the community for purposes aligned with the Harmonist mission.  We have a vegetarian commercial kitchen, sanctuary room, and art studio.


The Harmonist Sanctuary promotes whole personhood—a harmony of all parts to optimize life through self-realization.  A whole person is made up of the physical body, the mental/emotional body, and the spiritual self.  Harmonist Sanctuary exists to nurture all three parts and the balance of all three. 

Meditation, yoga, conscious eating, creative expression, thoughtful study, music, and community are ways to enrich our personhood and bring purposefulness in our life.  As spiritual beings having a human experience we are meant to live an enriched life of evolving consciousness, toward self-realization.  This is relevant at any stage of life.

For Life!

The nature of spiritual energy is to animate, expand, and grow. It is what gives life to material energy. Without the soul, the physical body has no life. Uncovering and nourishing the spiritual self, within which all qualities of divinity reside, brings heightened aliveness.  

Thank you for joining us, growing with us, allowing us to challenge, comfort and enrich as many lives as we may.

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