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Sound Meditation
Sound Meditation

Mon, May 23



Sound Meditation

We will bask in sacred sound, direct our energy with ThetaHealing™ guided-imagery meditation, use gentle breathwork for presence, and practice Trauma Tapping Technique to release any charges within the body and fe

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Time & Location

May 23, 2022, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Denver, 4633 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220, USA

About the event

Who is this for? This ceremony is for all beings. Beginning meditators, those new to sound healing, experienced self-explorers, and especially anyone seeking deeper alignment through the attunement of sound transmission as a meditation tool.

What to bring: yoga mat blankets pillows eye mask anything for a cozy nest to get comfy in water journal and pen a friend

Why Sound Healing? Just as we must tune our musical instruments for optimal sound, we too, must tune our most sacred instrument- our body- for an optimal life. When we are "out of tune" or rather, not vibrating in harmonic resonance, we may find dis-ease present within the body. Sound has a way of finding itself into corners within we may have forgotten, ignored, or have yet to discover. We may feel the resonance of sound deep in the heart cavity, or low in our pelvic bowl. We may feel the weight of something we've held onto (for a lifetime- or even for generations in our ancestry!) be emotionally released. We may have spiritual visions, connect with our benevolent guides, or reconcile with our soul. We may fall deep asleep, and receive the deep rest our body had been calling for. Receiving a sound bath is filling up your cup. It's setting time and space for you to relax and receive. To close your eyes and let sound be the guide, but this time a journey traveling deeper within.

What is ThetaHealing? ThetaHealing is a guided imagery meditation technique designed to bring you into the dreamy theta brain wave state. The theta brain wave is a state where miracle healing, manifestation, subconscious reprograming, and more is possible. When used with the intention of unifying spiritually with the highest layer of existence- pure, unconditional love (Sophia God, Father/Mother God, Great Spirit, Krishna, Creator of All That Is, Allah, etc) we are unifying with our most True existence. We can create a conscious bridge from the subconscious to conscious, spiritual to physical. Nina uses ThetaHealing guided meditation prior to sound baths to create a pure space of unconditional love and unconditional support for your personal, intimate journey within.

What is Trauma Tapping Technique? This is a first-aid technique that can diffuse and desensitize symptoms of stress and trauma. It is a self-help method that uses your fingers and meridian lines on the body to cultivate a less charged state of being. Anyone can do it, and is a great tool to learn during times of stress (who couldn't use some stress 101 first-aid these days?!)

What instruments will be used? 432hz quartz crystal singing bowls Tuning Forks Rain Stick Chimes Our bodies!

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